[Outline] Liquid Blade Assassin


Liquid blades are fucking cool. Making a character around them sounds fun, so here’s an outline.

1st Vivisectionist Level – 1d6 Sneak Attack, Brew Potion, Mutagen, Throw Anything, OPEN FEAT
2nd Vivisectionist Level – Chameleon Discovery, Torturer’s Eye, Poison Resistance +2, Poison Use
1st Poisoner Level – 2d6 Sneak Attack, OPEN FEAT
2nd Poisoner Level – Evasion, Underhanded Talent
3rd Poisoner Level – 3d6 Sneak Attack, Master Poisoner, OPEN FEAT
1st Assassin Level – 4d6 Sneak Attack, Death Attack

BAB +3
Fort +4
Ref +7
Will +1

FEATS: Disposable Weapon is a good idea. Splintering Weapon? At first level, with an Int score of 10, I will have a Craft (Alchemy) check of +5 and can already take 10’s to craft the Liquid Blade. Will need to ask if the versatility of Liquid Blade can be improved. Adamantium Liquid Blades, pseudo-Magical Liquid Blades…making it out of special materials would be supracool.

RACES: Anything with a bonus to Int is pretty important. Elves, Ratfolk, and Tieflings would be good choices. Sylph would too but man fuck Sylphs, they too weird. A tiefling with the Soul Seer alternate racial trait would be awesome, and I could take Fiendish Facade.


[Outline] Liquid Blade Assassin

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