[Outline] The Dhampir Bloodmage


Dhampir Cruoromancer: +1 Necro DC
Bloatmage Initiate: +1 DC
Spell Focus: +1 CL
Greater Spell Focus: +1 DC
Spell Specialization: +2 DC
Allied Spellcaster: +1 CL
Dhampir Favored Class (Wizard): +1/4 DC per Level
Mage’s Tattoo: +1 CL
Black Blood of Orv: +1 CL
Orange Ioun Stone: +1 CL
Gifted Adept: +1 CL

Total: +7 DC / +6 CL

More to come?!

With super-stupid CLs, you can have spells that go far beyond their originally intended range, perhaps surpassing the “close” range increment all together. In addition, durations take a huge jump, maybe even doubling.


[Outline] The Dhampir Bloodmage

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