[Outline] The Finger of God


Sniper character.

The idea is to blow someone’s brains out from very far away.
TO DO THIS, we’ll need:

Something that gives us “True Strike”
The ability to make Called Shots
A cavalcade of feats

To make a called shot vs. skull, you will have to hit the target with a -10 to hit. To strike a target at the furthest distance possible for a ranged weapon, you will take a -18 to hit (that’s at 10x the range increment). To keep our hit chances high, we’ll try to get a True Strike on our weapon before we fire, giving us a +20. The “Far Shot” feat will help as well, reducing that distance penalty down to a -9. Add it all together and we’re coming up a net +1. Not too shabby. If we choose to use a firearm as well, we could get the Far-Reaching Sight and hit at touch regardless of range. It will take a full-round action, however, which leaves no room for anything else in that short one-turn window after True Strike. The alternative is a slew of feats: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Focused Shot, and finally Sniper Shot. For the sake of realism, we’ll go for the firearm.

The best firearm available will be the Rifle or Pepperbox Rifle. We’ll assume Rifle, as the automatic fire doesn’t apply here. Another good item to get is Oil of Silence, which renders the weapon quiet, mitigating the danger of sniping with a firearm. Should your GM allow it, you ought to grab a Large Rifle and use it prone (2d8 damage vs. 1d10, ~4 damage increase at the cost of -2 to hit). Also spring for the Distance enchantment, which will let you hit targets at 1,600ft.

Using the Magic Item Creation rules, you can purchase something that offers you “True Strike” for that perfect shot. Assuming you want it as cheap as possible, a simple amulet of set of gloves with a single True Strike per day will cost you 360gp, which is fabulously inexpensive.

Your feats are the last thing necessary to tie the build together, but you shouldn’t need anything but Far Shot and its prerequisites. As for classes, going for Gunslinger will help maximize damage potential.

In the end, you’ll have a Sniper capable of pulling off a headshot at 1,600ft away with a 1+BAB+Dex to hit and a 1d10 (or 2d8) for damage. Not too phenomenal, but it’s done reasonably early and could be used to handle NPCs with ease.

Wait a minute! JUST 1d10? That’s nowhere near enough to reach debilitating levels of damage (minimum 50)! Looks like we’ll have to rethink our game plan….

So, looks like the full-round action using Far Reaching Sight isn’t going to work to put out our damage. How about Sniper Shot?

The Sniper Shot feat lets you apply precision based damage from any range, such as the damage from Sneak Attack or the Focused Shot feat. Unfortunately, it requires a plethora of feats. It seems that this build won’t be as effective early on.


[Outline] The Finger of God

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