Board of Travel

This beautifully-carved board has four wheels attached.


This engraved ebony board is fitted with four wheels underneath. If you are trained in Acrobatics, it acts as a vehicle that ignores difficult terrain, adds +10 to your movement speed, and, for ten rounds per day, allows you to ride upon any surface, even vertical or upside-down surfaces. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Board of Travel
Small Land Vehicle
Squares 1 (3ft by 3/4ft); Cost 8000
AC 14; Hardness 3
hp 22 (14)
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed the driver’s speed +10; Acceleration half the driver’s speed CMB -1; CMD 9
Propulsion muscle (pushed; 1 Small or Medium creature)
Driving Check Acrobatics
Forward Facing toward the driver’s last movement
Driving Device foot
Driving Space the whole vehicle
Decks 0


In the city of Alkenstar there exist a group of Kobolds that watch over the city. One of their small number, known as “Bob Ross,” possesses this unique take on a child’s toy. Its origins are unknown, but it is unlikely that this “Bob Ross” was the architect of such a design.

Board of Travel

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